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Year :  1993-2009
Duration :  between 10 min. and 40 min.
The programme is aired eleven times a day during the weekdays and five times a day on the weekends.

Segodnya is the name of NTV news known to everyone, the visiting card of the channel. The broadcasting company started its broadcasting in 1993 in Saint Petersburg exactly with the news. Several months later NTV news appeared in the federal air and soon became one of the most popular programmes of the Russian TV.

At present, the programme Segodnya means dozens of reporters in Russian towns, permanent news bureaus in the USA, Israel, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and Kirgizstan, special correspondents ready to set off immediately to any spot in the world and report live.

NTV news means the most interesting events in Russia and abroad: events from the sphere of politics, economy, culture and sport, accidents and society chronicles. The quality of news presentation in the programme Segodnya was rewarded with numerous Russian and foreign television awards, including TEFI and ENEX Picture Award.