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Program maximum

Year :  2005-2010
Duration :  39-50 min
Parts : 210(25.12.2010)
Written by : Alexey Egorov, Kseniya Ilyina, Pavel Selin, Dmitry Shtokolov
Host : Gleb Pyanykh
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In this programme, the author Gleb Pyanykh gives the maximum: maximum of irony, brutality, investigation of the inside of the events, behaviour, phenomena. His reportages are both investigations and eye-openers. However, this is just a relentlessly objective analysis presented in a staring reporter coverage.
The team of the program Maximum consists of Gleb Pyanykh, the host, and four permanent reporters. Alexei Egorov focuses on loud criminal cases. Ksenia Ilyina's sphere of interests includes show business, human dramas, domestic crimes and social and civil investigations. Dmitry Shtokolov investigates most loud, brutal and scandalous cases. Pavel Selin reveals the matters of political intrigues.