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Kill me, please

Year :  2004
Duration :  50 min
Total number of releases :  2
Written by :  Valentin Azernikov
Directed by :  Oksana Bairak
Music by :  Valery Tishler
Starring :  D.Kharatyan, .Pogodina, .Kravchenko and others
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Lera is an Olympic champion in shooting. When she was mistakenly disqualified for using dope, she soon became absolutely unclaimed. Moreover, Lera found herself in a deadlock her mother was operated by American specialists, as the scandal occurred, they demanded the full payment. Neither the selling of the apartment, nor her savings could cover the sum needed. Being totally desperate, our heroine accepted a proposal to become a killer.

Another protagonist is Vadim. He became the victim of an intrigue of his wife and his subordinate. The brilliant career collapsed and he learned about it on the day of his anniversary. Vadim gave up. He decided to commit a suicide. By a coincidence, Vadim and Lera met at an abandoned apartment where Lera was supposed to make her shot from. They told each other their stories. One more coincidence Lera was hired to kill Vadim.

That was how our heroes met in this story that became a Story of Love. However, they will learn about it themselves only after they go through a chain of various situations, punished treachery and evil, feeling and sharing each others loneliness.