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Third variant (theatre ghost)

Year :  2003
Duration :  49 min
Total number of releases :  2
Script by :  Andrey Maksimov
Director :  Konstantin Khudyakov
Cast :  Igor Kvasha, Sergey Makovetsky, Oksana Fandera, Semen Morozov, Sergei Chonishvili, Tatyana Lutayeva, Nikolai Denisov
Stage director Yegor Movchun (Makovetsky) stages Chekhov’s “Cherry Garden”. It seems to the director that the performance will determine the fate of the theatre as the local authorities intend to deprive the company of the theatre building and the near-by park in the centre of the town. The opening night is coming soon, and the next day is the official sitting of the local authorities where the future of the theatre building will be decided.
The troupe is on the edge of nervous breakdown, especially the director. It’s only the manager of the theatre and everybody’s favourite, charming Seraphima (Fandera) who smoothes over conflicts and tries to inspire her actors as she can. She volunteers to be present at the crucial meeting and promises the director who is her secret lover that the outcome of the story will be positive. In return, Seraphima asks Yegor to let her go to Moscow to see the popular “Nord-Ost” performance. The future of the theatre is unexpectedly determined by a high-ranked guest of the meeting from Moscow. The building stays with the actors. In the street afterwards, the official tells Seraphima he doesn’t care much about her or her theatre, it’s his friend Stef who’d asked him for this favour and he couldn’t refuse him. Stef is a businessman and the new secret lover of Seraphima. The evening comes, the happy actors rehearse episodes from the performance; suddenly Cherepakhin, an old fan of the theatre rushes in and announces the news about the terrorist act and hostage crisis at the drama centre where “Nord-Ost’ musical was performed. Everybody understands that the theatre’s favourite Seraphima is among the captured, the director and the actors are shocked. Aging actor Shabashov (Kvasha) who fancies Seraphima can not suppress his emotions and hastily leaves the town for Moscow without telling anyone about it. His attempt to break through the security cordon fails, he is taken by militiamen and they don’t treat him friendly. With the traces of the visit to militia on his face, Shabashov returns to his home town right before the performance when the desperate director is already prepared for an all-round fiasco. The first night is a great success, Seraphima and Stef who arrived from Moscow applaud the actors in the pass of the overcrowded hall.