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Love me

Year :  2005
Duration :  49 min
Total number of releases :  2
Written by :  Ilya Avramenko
Directed and produced by :  Vera Storozheva
Music by :  Andrey Ramonenko
Starring :  Pavel Derevyanko, Alena Babenko, Mikhail Efremov, Ilze Liepa, Garik Sukhachev, etc
Shurik worked as an artist in a design office of a huge advertising holding. The job was well-paid, didn't require much effort, and Shurik needed money. He owed a big sum to a very serious lady who credited his exhibition. However, she was ready to sponge Shurik's debt if he married her.
At that very moment a young elegant and bitchy Kira was appointed the chief of the department. She liked Shurik at first. Thus she entrusted him with the most difficult and creative task, which Shurik failed. Kira declared his partial inadequacy and fixed a deadline for accomplishing the task — by the New Year, otherwise he would be fired. A dismissal would mean that his creditor would have an unlimited power over him. Then Shurik shot Niagara — he disguised himself in a female dress and went to Kira's place to take part in casting of housemaids.
In a move to keep his job and freedom Shurik will become Kira's housemaid and closest friend Mara.
In order to find love, Shurik, Kira, a woman-chaser chief and a lonely banker will have to go through amusing misunderstandings and perplexed situations, pass all funny and touching adventures of this fairy lyrical comedy.