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I'll decide it myself

Production : Studio Panorama
Year : 2004
Duration : 45-49 min
Number of series : 12
Written by : Anush Vardanyan, Andrew Libenson
Director : Tatyana Melnikova
Camera : Leonid Vasiliev
Starring : Olga Ponizova Sergey Murzin, Arina Stepanova, Thomas Byzgu Leonid Alimov, Sergey Lisov, Eugene Merkur'ev Vasily Reutov, Peter Korolev
A romantic melodrama I'll decide it myself — a story of a modern woman, which is a lot — it was spontaneous, independent, honest. She is one of those people who do not feel fear to life, but do not achieve victory at any cost. The name came from a recurring dream heroine, dancing in the precarious surface water — a symbol of her fate.
The main heroine — Inna Malakhova — thriving sport dance instructor, hostess of the sports club in a major Russian city, a loving wife and mother, it seems that everything in life it is good ... But the day and the young woman decided on the desperate move — it takes children and fled from the city, leaving behind everything: home, work, parents, friends, and bright dreams.
During the ensuing narrative Inna have to make difficult decisions to go against the fate. But next to her — her family, friends and children. For their sake, it is ready to overcome all the trials, they support and comfort her. And, despite everything, in the end, she finds happiness ...