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Tea, coffee, want-a-dance (coffee house)

Year :  2004
Duration :  26 min
Total number of releases :  4
Script writer and director :  Viktor Shamirov
Cameraman :  Sergey Dadunyan
Producers :  Mark Levin, Sergey Kuchkov
Starring :  Oskar Kuchera, Inga Ilm, Valeri Lerner, Masha Shalaeva, Sergey Frolov, Marina Orel and others
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Two young men and three girls rent in shares a large flat in Moscow. Each has his specific occupation, his personal plans, troubles and hopes. In the evenings they gather in the kitchen and chat about everything: work and studies, love and sex, cooking, films and books, the problems of Moscow life and troubles in their relations with employers, the beloved ones, parents and friends. Each faces the pinpricks and severe crooks in the lot with sincerity, risky jokes, the charm of the youth and courage, which make the serial fascinating.