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Factory of dreams

Year :  2004
Duration :  50 min
Total number of releases :  13
Written by :  Oleg Danilov
Directed by :  Dmitry Astrakhan
Produced by :  Dmitry Astrakhan, Arkady Tsimbler
Music by :  Alexander Pantykin
Starring :  Yaroslav Vorontsov, Kostas Smoriguinas, Natalia Podvitskaya, Alexander Abdulov, Natlia Akimova, Yulia Beretta, Tadeush Kokshtys, Vladimir Bogdanov, Sergey Kagakov, Vera Nigol, Irina Garkusha, Lyudmila Matskevich, Anastasia Tsvetaeva, Ivan Zhidkov, Anatoly Vasiliev, Vladimir Leletko
List of Series

A new series Days and Nights is shot in a little town of Zarechinsk, about hundred kilometers from Moscow. This is the first professional work of a young ambitious film director Kostya Alexeev. He used to dream of shooting intellectual "authorial" films, but the permanent absence of job forced him to condescend to the "cheap" genre.
The first shooting day. Kostya got excited and shoots the same pictures from different camera angles: with a moving or static camera, zooming, and pullback… His creativity is in full swing, but there is no progress in shooting: only few seconds are produced with three hours of work. The enraged producer accuses Kostya of wasting time and money.
The story is accompanied with myriad of tales, anecdotes and flashbacks of the crew members. The patchwork of these little stories, now Homerically comic, then sad, makes up the magic image of vulgar and sublime art of the film industry — the "Factory of Dreams", nourishing millions of hearts…