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Company :   KINOPROM
Year :  2004
Duration :  46 min
Total number of releases :  12
Written by :  Maria Zvereva, Irina Shegal
Director :  Nana Gordgadze
Music by :  Pavel Karmanov
Starring :  Irina Grineva, Valery Borovinskikh, Yuriy Belyaev, Igor Zolotovtski, Amaliya Goldanskaya and others
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Liza met Valera when she was a first year college student in a distant Russian town. And he left her for another woman, who had a high-ranked father, an apartment in Moscow, contacts and money. All that Liza had was her wit, motivation and diligence.
Liza loved Valera more than her life. She decided to make her best and more to gain all that her rival had.
It took her twenty years to do so. She went through a big number of trials and finally received what he strove for. However, the victory had a bitter taste. Chasing someone else's life, Liza nearly missed her actual happiness.