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Taxi-man (sharp turns)

Year :  2003
Duration :  48-52 min
Total number of releases :  12
Script by :  Maxim Steshov, Yuri Kamenetsky, Ejen Schedrin, Arkady Kazantsev, Valentin Donskov
Directors :  Valentin Donskov, Andrey Lukashevich, Sergey Osipyan, Marat Rafikov
Starring :  Yevgeny Sidikhin, Alexander Samoilenko, Natalia Vdovina, Sergey Batalov, Gennady Nazarov, Julia Chesnokova and others
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A 39-years-old retired lieutenant colonel of the special-task force, Ilya Orlov, was nicknamed Monk for his unsociable temper. Actually, once he attempted to go to a monastery to become a monk to rid himself of painful thoughts that had been following him after the combat missions in Afghanistan and Chechnya. Yet, having realized that he will never become a preacher, Orlov returns to the secular life where much more people need help of the just and righteous Monk.

Having returned to his home town, Ilya finds out that all of his past life vanished irrevocably: his mother died, his wife Alena married a reporter who covered the events in Afghanistan and promised Ilya to bring to Alena photos of and greetings from her husband, unknown people live in his apartment.

He resorts to his best friend Grisha nicknamed Pelmen, or Dumpling, formerly a philosopher, now a taxi driver. Grisha helps Ilya to find a job at the taxi station and offers him a room in his apartment until things settle.

Then, workaday routine starts. The job of a taxi driver is one that makes you encounter a lot of situations in which other people have find themselves. Consequently, Ilya and Grisha find themselves in a number of risky affairs. They puzzle out a kidnapping case, rescue a young bride and help her meet her loved one; they help to expose a corrupted general and protect a young reporter who writes about young neo-Nazi gangs. In short, they try to help anyone who needs their help.

As the series goes on, Ilya and ex-wife Alena bring back together, while his friend Grisha and Katya, a nice-looking taxi-station operator, give birth to a boy whom they name Ilya in honor of the just and righteous Monk.