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Company :  ÎÎÎ "ASDS"
Year :  2006
Duration :  44 min
Total number of releases :  12
Written by :  Andrey Sherbinin, Mikhail Smolyanitsky
Directed by :  Alexey Lebedev
Music by :  Andrey Sigle
Produced by :  Andrey Sigle, Dmitry Svetozarov
Starring :  Ilya Shakunov, Igor Lifanov, Tatyana Kolganova, Andrey Zibrov, Arkady Volgin, Evgeniya Igumnova, Anatoly Rudakov, Leonid Nevedomsky, Vasily Reutov
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Syndicate is a corporation called "Ortus", which combines pharmaceutics, construction and transport, media- and show business. However, the façade of its official business just covers the structure, which is aimed at monopolization of production of cheap synthetic drugs and their trafficking in Russia.
As law enforcement bodies come across the activity of the huge clandestine syndicate-octopus, they come to the idea to plant two of its agents – “Odyssey” and “Genie” — into the syndicate. Each of them has his own mission. They are lost for their former world: they change their names, erase biographies, repudiate their dear ones. The agents know nothing about each other; the Chief is their only connection with the Center and the outer world. In the series “Syndicate”, Ilya Shakunov plays “Odyssey” and Igor Lifanov – “Genie”.
The motives of Odyssey’s planting into the Syndicate are very personal, and above all, he wants to destroy the drug syndicate from the inside.
It happens so that Genie is found out, he believes that the reason of his collapse is the second agent, and declares war to Odyssey from then on. Their combat is the plot of the story. According to the director Alexey Lebedev, Odyssey and Genie represent the two sides of a Superagent, one of them personifies intelligence, while the other – physical strength...
The genre requires that a Superagent has a “love story” – the love triangle develops in the Syndicate. Odyssey’s girlfriend Mila (Evgeniya Ugumnova) doesn’t believe in his “official” death and starts searching for her missing beloved one. Meanwhile, the management of the Syndicate acquaints the main character with Olga, with the aim to get evidence of his double play. However, their formal relationship develops into real love.