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The nickname "albanian"

Year :  2006
Genre : Triller
Duration :  46 min
Total number of releases :  8
Written by :  Andrey Zhitkov
Directed by :  Rauf Kubaev
Music by :  Vitaly Istomin
Produced by :  Egor Yuzbashev
Starring :  Alexander Dedyushko, Vladimir Steklov, Vadim Andreev, Alexander Peskov, Gabriella Mariani, Svetlana Hodchenkova, Tanyana Lutaeva, Mark Rudinstein, Denis Konstantinov
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The main character of the film, a forty-five year old Victor Albantsev, an "expert", a man with a "strange" occupation "liquidator" who has worked for Special Services. In "post-soviet" period he decided to resign and to start a peaceful life. However, his unemployment didn't last too long. Soon, the demand for his professional skills arose again. This time, he was hired by "private structures" founded by his former colleagues engaged in semi criminal business. They wouldn't leave him alone. A professional of his level was in demand. They forced him to perform one assignment after another. As soon as the Albanian becomes inconvenient and presents a threat, they decide to liquidate him. But due to the coincidence of circumstances his fiancee is being killed instead. The Albanian is being chased after but he is elusive. And when at last they manage to overtake him, he takes the revenge over those who have been chasing him.
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