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Cursed paradise

Company :   MAXIMUS
Year :  2006
Duration :  44 min
Total number of releases :  48
Written by :  Elena Volodina, Konstantin Glushkov
Director :  Igor Korobeinikov, I.N. Maslov
Music by :  Taras Vashchishin
Produced by :  Alexander Bokovikov, Sergey Sendyk, Evgenia Tsitsina
Starring :  Evelina Bledans, Maxim Drozd, Yulia Dolgashova, Vladimir Skvortsov, Yulia Beretta, Nikita Solopin, Mikhail Dorozhkin, Olg Zeiger, Yulia Uchitkina, Anastasia Arakelova, Vladimir Yakovlev, Timur Efremenkov, Oleg Leushin, Alexey Yakumov
This television film, criminal melodrama "The Cursed Paradise" consists of novellas connected by the same characters. The material is presented as "smile through tears": curious cases, witty stories and jokes, which will strengthen the sense of lawlessness, which determines today's life. As the main concept of the series is exactly lawlessness, the lawlessness of a woman in the present-day world, when profit become the primary importance, and a woman is turned into a commodity. It's impossible to find protection in the big city in the abundance of people.

The top priority of the project is not to repeat overworked plots by offering a story, which would be equally catching for both women and men in each episode. This film states out that a man is the architect of his own happiness. Even the worst situation should not horrify him. People should always remember that the mind of a person is always primary and it can cope with any situation. Therefore, this new project is characterized through a distinct ethic aspect.

This series is far from being edification to the fallen angel, but it is neither an attempt to blanch it over with explanations like "it happened so", "the life has forced to". All people can be divided into two categories: those who would never do, not even anesthetized, not at the point of a gun, and those who will find such justification as hunger and cold, beating and threat of life.

An elite brothel with the speaking title "Paradise" and its inhabitants:
The mistress of the brothel Katerina Ivanovna (Evelina Blendans) is a beauty and a bitch selling "human commodity". She is cynical, cruel and calculating, but at the same time she is a good mother who brings up three children on "dirty money".
The director of the brothel Alic (Vladimir Skvortsov) is a financial god, a downright scoundrel and a loving son, who adores his elderly mother.
Cain (Maxim Drozd) is the "roof" of the brothel, a professional killer, a quintessence of cynicism. But at the same time he is a tender loving man who could do anything for the woman he loved.
Girls and guys are "the angels of the Paradise", who came here from all over the former USSR. Each has his own story behind — funny, or sad or even fearful.
VIP visitors of the "Paradise" are so familiar and recognizable personalities. However, maybe it only seems so