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Full speed ahead!

Company :   KINOPROM
Year :  2005
Duration :  44 min
Total number of releases :  12
Written by :  Alexander Galin
Directed by :  Tamara Vladimirtseva, Andrey Panin
Music by :  Igor Zubkov
Producers :  Denis Evstigneev, Irakly Kvirikadze, Arkady Tsimbler
Starring :  Andrey Panin, Dmitry Nazarov, Alexander Feklistov, Natalia Rogozhkina, Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka, Eugenia Dmitrieva, Aleksandra Ursulyak, Alexander Galin, Sergey Belyaev, Alexander Golubev, Anna Churina, Alexander Arsentiev
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The three friends, who have not seen each other for 20 years, united only by the reminiscences of their youth with different destinies and characters, meet at the birthday party of one of the most successful among them a prominent businessman and banker Lyakhov. The two others: Svechkin a world reputed astronomer, completely unfit for life, and Kokarev a freedom-loving person, who has lost everything in his life- job and family.
Among the presents there is a model of a float- embodiment of their childish dream to float along the Volga-river.
As a result of family disorders they run away from their wives and start off their journey on a float during which they find themselves in different situations and search for the ways out together.
At the end, after the numerous adventures the runaways come back to their families and business, but the journey will certainly change each of them in some way.