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To chase a genius

Year :  2006
Duration :  44 min
Total number of releases :  16
Written by :  Yury Kuzmenko, Oleg Rempinsky
Directed by :  Yury Kuzmenko
Music by :  Anatoly Dergachev
Produced by :  Sendyk Sergey
Starring :  Dmitry Maryanov, Leonid Kulagin, Elena Ksenofontova, Irina Lachina, Mikhail Gorevoy, Andrey Sokolov, Maria Anikanova, Anton Makarsky, Alisa Grebenshchikova, Tatyana Artgrolts, Sergey Yushkevich
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A journalist, Mikhail Kovalenko, writting on criminal topics, finds himself in the epicenter of complicated events. The life of the Ukrainian scientist, whose discoveries might oppose the terrorist attacks done with the help of the biological weapons, is under the threat. To find the way out of the situation Mikhail is to use all his skills and habits, acquired during his services in the antiterrorist detachment.
To Chase a Genius is a screen version of the novel by Valention Bardzinsky of the same name.
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