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Sea demons

Year :  2005
Duration :  45 min
Total number of releases :  12
Written by :  Boris Batuev, Aleksey Gavrilenko, Alexander Paigalik, Andrey Romanov
Directed by :  Sergey Basin, Kirill Kapitsa, Aleksey Prazdnikov, Ivan Savenkov, Victor Shkuratov
Music by :  Aleksey Karpov
Produced by :  Victor Budilov
Starring :  Oleg Chernov, Ivan Parshin, Vitaly Kovalenko, Vladimir Maslakov, Daria Yurgens, Anatoly Rudakov, Evgeny Ganelin, Maxim Selyutin, Kirill Kapitsa, Mikhail Chernyak, Mikhail Khrustalev, Igor Kachaev, Alexander Pagainik, Yuri Tomilin, Sergey Nozdrin
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This series is a heroic saga about Russian elite troops of military swimmers rightfully considered "knights of three elements". They act on land, on the sea and in the air. The principal characters of the series are four Special Forces officers of different nature and different fate.
This is a film about brotherhood of the Special Forces, male bonding, honor of an officer and contemporary heroes of our country whose names will never appear in newspaper highlights. The main task of the series is to show by the example of the characters the army as it should be — highly professional, disciplined and provided for all eventualities and inspire the viewers with pride for our Armed Forces.
The series is made up of 12 independent battlefield stories that happened or could have happened in real. The story is not limited to the territory of Russia. The fighters appear in any place where there is need for their professional skills and where it is necessary to defend interests of Russia and Russian citizens.
Bulatov Ivan Mikhailovich, captain III rank, nickname "Batya" ("gaffer"), the commander of the Special Forces group named "Typhoon". Scout-saboteur underwater swimmer. Perfect command of English, French and German. Experience in illegal intelligence service. Strongly marked leader disposition.
Koshkina Margarita Stepanovna, senior lieutenant, nickname "Bagheera". Scout-saboteur underwater swimmer. Area of concentration — sniper. Skills in training combat dogs. Collateral skill — psychologist and negotiator.
Tarasov Boris Andreevich, captain-lieutenant, nickname "Bison". Scout-saboteur underwater swimmer. Electronics operator of the Typhoon group. Collateral skill — engineer in charge of the group equipment. Extraordinary physical strength.
Maloy Sergey Yakovlevich, captain-lieutenant, nickname "Gnome". Scout-saboteur underwater swimmer. Area of concentration — bomb-disposal expert. Theoretical mental set, phenomenal visual memory. Experience in criminal investigation. Being wounded, he will be temporarily replaced by "Khazar".
The scene of the series covers underwater and overwater environment of the world water areas. The methods of transportation of the group are determined by secrecy and covertness of the problems to be solved. The transportation comprises parachute assault, extended underwater trek, ground accelerated march with or without transport support. The group works at extreme depths and altitudes, on various terrains and premises, on shipboard and in underground caves — where their interference in required to protect interests of Russia and lives of the Russian people.
In point of fact, the series is an action-thriller involving dynamic stunt scenes, chases, fire-fights, hand-to-hand combats and drill sessions. The rhythm of the cross-cutting and music is highly dynamic. Modern shooting methods and episodic computer graphics should make the film viewy and rememberable. Underwater scenes will give a particular texture to the material and attract the viewer with extraordinary and hardly accessible environments.
Against the background of the events envisaged in the series the viewer should feel safe from external and internal threats to our community. He should trust the characters of the series who certainly only represent the forces which safeguard us. But the viewer should know that there are forces and people whose real names will never become public, who are ready to risk their lives for the sake of millions of Russians.