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Company :  ÎÎÎ "VAVILON"
Year :  2006
Duration :  46 min
Total number of releases :  32
Written by :  Alexey Alexeev, Andrey Zolotarev, Asya Kareva, Arkady Kortikov, Yulia Strelkova, Sergey Shiyanov, Elena Shcherbinovskaya
Directed by :  Alexander Dzyuba, Yuri Druzhinin, Oleg Filipenko
Music by :  Alexey Artishevsky, Sergey Groshev, Vladimir Kachanovsky, Andrey Komissarov, Denis Maidanov, Vsevolod Saksonov
Produced by :  Yevgeny Kucherenko, Andrey Prokopyev, Yuri Sapronov, Andrey Smirnov
Starring :  Alexander Khmelnitsky, Igor Filippov, Denis Yurchenkov, Georgy Teslya-Gerasimov, Grigory Kalinin, Yulia Alexandrova, Sergey Zagrebnev, Vladimir Belousov, Anastasia Busygina, Edward Flerov, Michael Djanibekyan, Sergey Guryev, Nikolai Isakov, Anna Dan’kova, Charles Igboch, Victor Kuzin, Maxim Novikov, Alexey Korolev, Vadim Dolgachev, Svetlana Lebedeva, Nikita Tezov, Yuri Baturin, Gleb Yurchenkov, Vladimir D’yachkov, Evgeny Marchenko, Lyubov Firsova, Olga Demidova, Konstantin Deniskin, Alexey Agryzkov, Vitaly Mikhaltsev, Alexander Myakushko, Vitaly Kholdin
“On deck everybody who is not on the watch! Diving in half an hour!”
This is the opening ritual of the “submarine”. Parting with the overwater world, the air, the sky and the sun… Everything will now move to the sphere of dreams and recollections. The submarine goes into the depth of the waters for long days.
About a hundred men are in the shell of the submarine… Different ranks, different positions, different experiences… Continuous duty day and night. In fact, there are no days or nights here.
The light is on round the clock. The engine gives noise. The orders, given through the loudspeaker, reach through the dream. If one is asleep at such moment, the subconscious prompts that this order is not to him, and he keeps on sleeping. If one wakes up and feels like eating, then it’s breakfast time. If one has served his duties and then he is asked to the companion cabin, then it’s dinnertime.
The watch is four hours, then twelve hours of break and then watch again.
“The Submarine” is a specific life style. Much is measured. Missing the land? Maybe a little. A letter home? You may write it, but who will deliver it? What is going on at the land today, right now? One can learn it from short radio communication with the shore.
The “Submarine” means also conventionalities… The wives of officers, warrant officers and the mothers of sailors who live in different towns of the country receive postcards on the 8th of March. The sailors leave them on the post.
The postmen will arrange for everything. The wives of those who serve under the water know that, however it’s a complete surprise for young wives. They even come running to the moorage looking for the submarine, but no! It is in the depth of the seas and oceans, and the holiday is just a conventionality for sailors.
The characters of the film do the service at the Black Sea Fleet.
Obviously, like anywhere else, the people who live and do their service here are different. Some even swore to a different state for the sake of comfort and prosperity.
They received flats and privilege for this oath, however, their beloved job, their vessels and submarines did not forgive the betrayal. The sailors feel sick at heart looking into the open sea, where they can never ship out on a rusty “FUELLESS” (“BLOODLESS”) device.
Those who remain loyal to once given oath, find themselves in complicated social and living conditions, aggravated by political situation on the Black Sea coast of Russia. Due to geographic remoteness from Russia, the naval base is forced to live in “self-contained” conditions, where one always feels on alert. Help will come in case of emergency, but it is necessary to hold on until such moment and count only on one’s own forces while protecting civilians.