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Swan paradise

Year :  2005
Duration :  45 min
Total number of releases :  19
Written by :  Aleksandr Mitta, Kira Mescheryakova, Zoya Kudry
Directed by :  Aleksandr Mitta
Music by :  Aleksey Sheligin
Produced by :  Dmitry Astrakhan, Aleksandr Vasilkov
Starring :  Amalia Goldanskaya, Anna Banshchikova, Elena Panova, Elena Babenko, Mikhail Efremov, Andrey Ilyin, Nina Ruslanova, Valentin Gaft and others
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There's a sightseeing attraction in the small provincial town of Ozersk — a reserved lake of amazing beauty, where swans settle for many centuries already. According to the legend, the swans shine at specific moments. However, very few managed to observe the shining. The story further says, that the one who dares kill a swan, will die as well. He will disappear — vanish into thin air. The locals believe this true.
Two friends live in Ozersk: Galya, a teacher in local school, and Lida, the Mayor of the town. Galya is single and her work occupies all her life. Lida, on the contrary, has a family and two children. However, her marriage is hardly a happy one. Her husband, who used to be very handsome and many girls from the town dreamt of marrying him, failed the test of time and lost himself into drinking. Now Lida bears this cross.
The arrival of a young beauty Masha, nicknamed Chuma, disturbs the dull life of Ozersk. Unexpectedly, she returned to the native town from the capital where she became rather prosperous. The meeting of the three friends after long separation is a great event.
Masha stays at Galya's. This is where the remaking of Ozersk starts. The flat is being repaired, new furniture appears in the flat. Meanwhile, rapid reconstruction starts in the town. Masha is involved in charity. She's got long-term plans. She intends to erect the industry of health and entertainment here, on the bank of the curative pure lake.
However, Masha's money is not clean. She got the money accidentally after a rough showdown. The owners of the money discovered where the money was and now followed Masha's trace. She managed to get out of scrape — as if the lake protected her. The owner of the money ignored the legend and hunted the swans. He disappeared the same moment as he made a shot. His helper ran away with the money. The dream of reconstructing the town failed.
Meanwhile, Ozersk is on the eve of great achievements. The Iron-and-steel Plant is preparing to release super steel. This should bring the town to prosperity. A German chemist Petr Shwankmayer was invited specifically for the purpose to develop this steel. The owners of the plant — Boris Minaev and Egor Kozlov conceal the disastrous condition of waste treatment facilities, which will not cope with the production output. The plant lacks facilities for reconstruction. Boris, unlike Egor, is not concerned about rebirth of the town and the cleanness of the unique lake. He is seeking the ways of quick prosperity.
This is when Grishin, a moneymaker, desires to buy the plant out. His target is not the enterprise itself. He wants to establish the nuclear waste mortuary. Several years ago he attempted to make a deal with Egor, but he failed then. Egor debased him and took him out of his office by pulling his nose. This time Grishin wants to pay off old scores. Egor acts through Boris's wife — bitchy Ella, his ex-lover. So this is his plan: he will order a large batch of super steel. If the order is not timely executed, he will take the plant over. In any case, the town will die out — either due to poisonous waste or it will become a nuclear waste mortuary.
However, Egor and Boris have no idea whose interests Ella represents and take the hazards. They intend to invest the received money in construction of waste treatment facilities and start the production of super steel.
It turns out the other way round. Grishin deceives all of them and gets the money back. Boris and Egor lose everything and they are just one step away from loss of the plant and poisoning the town. They are looking for a way out. When waste treatment facilities fail, the town will get poisoned.
Masha, Galya and Lida are in the middle of the flow of events. Masha falls in love with Egor and becomes the most vicious enemy of Ella, who too is in love with Egor. Lida and Petr fall in love with each other. The whole town follows their affair, which ends up with Lida's move to Petr. Petr founds out the problem with the waste facilities. He is unable to prevent the release of the super steel and makes up his mind to take his new family to Germany. He realizes that he will be accused of poisoning the town.
Grishin doesn't want Petr leave Ozersk. Otherwise he will make the whole affair public and nobody will get the plant. Grishin arranges for an attempt on Petr. Luckily, Petr survived. The militia suspects Dima, Lida's jealous husband. Lida and her friends help him hide and start their own investigation. Dima's fragmentary memories lead up to the bandit. Temerarious Masha traps the murderer to the hospital to the ward where Petr is, and attacks him putting her own life at risk.
Ozersk is famous for its school of folk and sport dances. For many girls this is the only opportunity to escape from the city, to be accepted in a variety or striptease show. Young girls, the best dancers of the town, left for Greece to gain their living by dancing in Ella's club. But when the turmoil with the plant money started and Grishin made Ella his hostage in order to influence Boris, the girls in Greece lost their means of support. Masha and Egor save them from the terrible lot and make them return to the town. One of the girls, Julia, suffered more than the others. Her mentality did not stand the exertion and the girl was deeply shocked.
Andrey Cherkashin, a press photographer, comes to the lake to take photographs of the legendary swans, recorded in the Red Book. He sees Galya conjuring on the bank to make Julia to come to her senses. The rite worked well, Julia recovered. Andrey becomes interested in Galya. They fall in love. It seems that Galya found her man and Andrey — his woman. He suggests that Galya should travel around the world with him and take photographs of animals. But Galya is afraid. She does not believe in the solidity of their union. She will not stand another failure. Galya stays in the little town, lonely as before.
But the lake and the common disaster unite them. Andrey comes back to the town to make a photo-report about the ecocatastrophe, which is about to destroy the town. Galya, Lida, Masha and Andrey start a hopeless struggle.
Nevertheless they win. The lake helps them. When there is no more hope the poisonous torrents flowing towards the lake disappear in a split of the ground. Astonished Ozersk dwellers see the miraculous shining of the swans. The lake and the town are safe. But love and life are sacrificed.